Why GoBazzar?

When a consumer compares specific products and prices, they are normally close to making a purchase. So GoBazzar’s visitors have a high level of willingness to act and buy.

GoBazzar provides updated prices and product information to online shoppers to help them make an educated decision before they buy. If you have an e-commerce online store in any of the countries we operate in, then joining GoBazzar and listing your products can provide you with a great marketing channel and substantial opportunities for your business to increase your online revenue.

How does it work?

Retailers send us a file with their prices and products that GoBazzar then dynamically updates the price at least every 2 hrs. If you cannot create such a file, GoBazzar is able to automatically collect your prices without you having to do anything.

List your shop on GoBazzar

Please note that GoBazzar does not sell any products.

Applicable terms and conditions can be found here.

Compare Shop Save (gobazzar.com) Once you submit the form, we will contact you to answer your inquiries and continue to the next step of your store listing process.

Product feed – documentation

A product feed is data representation of your product pages on your website. GoBazzar requires certain data from you to be able to display your products and redirect customers to your site. Some of this data we require includes Product Name, Price, Product Page URL, Descriptions.

Once you have created a feed and have provided us with the URL indicating where it is located, GoBazzar can start scanning your feed. We rescan your feed daily to update any changes you may have made.

If you do not have a product feed, GoBazzar can collect all the information directly from your site. This solution is more time and resource-intensive, and if you make any changes to your site there is a risk that your products will disappear from GoBazzar.

What format does GoBazzar require?

We can handle most formats. The most common are TEXT/CSV, XML and JSON. Note that the price file cannot be in Excel or any other non-text format. To make our processing and your updates run faster, compress your feed using gzip/zip.

You will need to provide us with the location (URL) of where the feed is located so we can rescan your feed regularly. If you are unable to do this, it is possible that you can email the feed to us on a regular basis.

If possible, it is better to create a dynamic feed – automatically updates when you make changes to the site. This will prevent GoBazzar from showing outdated information of your products.

IMPORTANT: If there are any changes or updates to the feed, its location or to your site, please let us know as soon as possible as this could potentially affect the scanning of your products. You must also inform us if you change the feed structure of your product feed as this may result in your feed not being updated correctly.